I know that making changes in your life can be one of the most challenging, exhausting, mentally toughest, exhilarating, yet one of the most important things you can ever do. I also know that the hardest part about change is that no one can do it for you. That is why when you choose to work with me I want our time together to be the place where you find your own inner strength, your own inner power, and, most importantly, your own courage to take action so that you can unlock your courage within to pursue the impossible.

My coaching and counseling style as well as my life’s lessons don’t come from a textbook but from the trenches. I’ve been where you are and felt what you’re feeling. So, I know what it’s like when you’ve lost all self-belief when you feel like a failure. But boy have I also felt like a winner, like a champion, undefeated, and a survivor, and that’s what I want you to learn about and experience.

The reason why we stay in relationships that are not good for us, in jobs and careers that leave us feeling unfulfilled and the reason why we feel so stuck in our lives is that we live our lives like groundhog day.  We spend our days thinking the exact same thoughts and choosing the exact same choices and then we wonder why we keep getting the exact same results.

What is keeping you stuck?

  • Are you scared of what is on the other side of a different decision?
  • Are you afraid of choosing choices in the unknown that feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, and uncertain?
  • Have you been conditioned to be addicted to stress, chaos, and living in survival mode?
  • Do you feel unworthy of success and happiness?
  • Do you feel that you are not good enough or smart enough to pursue your goals?
  • Are you a parent and feel disconnected from your higher self and questioning who you even are anymore?
  • Are you constantly worried about other people’s opinions to the point you are living a life based on what everyone else once for you, rather than what you want for yourself?
  • Do you lack the courage to take action so that you can achieve your goals that seem impossible from where you are standing?

Time and again over the last few years, people have come to me when they’re at a low point.

They feel; stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, scattered, like losers, worthless, unloved, no energy, deflated, and no longer pursue the things, people and activities they once enjoyed.

Some have been feeling down because they are not where they want to be in their careers, relationships, or life in general. Some have been unable to pinpoint why they’ve felt so lost and lonely or why life has been feeling way too hard. Others have been at rock bottom – stuck in their situation not knowing how to take action on their goals. In every successful turnaround story, I’ve had anything to do with, switching from feeling stuck to empowered has hinged on a few things:

  • Feeling heard- After sharing their hopes and dreams and unveiling their masks, they felt heard and not so alone.
  • Belief- Someone believed in them when they didn’t believe in themselves.
  • And courage- It takes an enormous amount of courage to get back up again, to get rid of your fears, to chisel off your limiting beliefs, to back yourself, to make scary decisions, to get rid of other people’s opinions, and to make changes in your life.

You can come back from moments you feel you can’t recover from. You can find the courage to shake yourself off, sit up strong, roll your shoulders back, hold your head high, look to the sky with your fist on your chest and say, ‘God’ – or ‘Higher Power’ or whatever means something special to you – ‘I’m ready! I’m ready to make some serious changes. I’m ready to make some hard decisions. I’m ready to take charge of my life and do the work required. I have everything inside me and more to become who I’m destined to become. I will become unstoppable.

And I know you can because I have and now it’s time to share just how to do it with you.

You are only one decision away from a totally different life?

If you feel aligned to work with me please send me an email at stacey@staceycurrie.com

I absolutely look forward to working together 🙂