This workshop was created for you. What can I say that will help you right now?

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves stuck in a situation that’s not right for us. If that’s you, it doesn’t matter how you ended up there, but you just know you need to get out of it. I’m here to tell you feeling held back doesn’t have to be a forever thing. Change is possible.

Take it from me. By any standard, I should be living on the streets, in jail, on drugs or dead. I tick all the boxes when it comes to risk factors. I had an absent mum, was bought up in housing commission and experienced child sexual abuse. By 14, I was living in a shed. By 15, I was pregnant. By 19, I had 2 babies and was homeless. By 21, I was pregnant with my 3rd baby and was living in a domestic violent relationship.

Remarkably, I have not only survived to tell the tale but managed to defy the odds by using my street smart wisdom to thrive, and help others from all walks of life do so too. As the co-founder of a million-dollar printing business, my tenacity and commitment have seen me nominated for several business awards.

As a qualified leadership coach and mentor, I am known for my rawness, honesty and compassion.

However, it is as a motivational speaker that I am best known. For the past couple of years, my keynote speech Good Riddance: How to Make Hard Choices Easy for a Change has captivated audiences across Australia.

Sharing the stage with countless thought leaders, I have also appeared on TV shows such as the Today Show, 7.30 Report and 60 Minutes to share my against-the-odds life story. I have featured in many newspapers and magazines such as BRW, The Age and The Herald Sun.

Ok enough about me as this is now about you.

Perhaps you’re fearful of change because you’re more focused on what you have to give up, rather than feeling excited about what you have to gain. Nothing in your life will change if you don’t change anything. If you don’t like where you are in your life right now, you have two choices: either change your environment or change your attitude. Either way, if you want to change, you can.

I’ve been sitting back and asking myself what helps me when I’m stuck, especially in those dark moments when I feel like life is too hard. For me, my scariest times are not when I feel alone, not when I feel sad, not when I feel like a failure, not even when life gets really hard. For me, the scariest times are when I lose my hope and faith.

That’s when I madly Google for real-life success stories. I need the nitty-gritty detail of how people who’ve been in that situation overcame the odds. I need to know that other people have gone through what I’m going through, more or less, and have come out on top despite their challenges. When I find this, I’m reassured. Knowing that others have got through gives me the light at the end of my very dark tunnel. It’s like my cup of courage, motivating me to get back up, take a deep breath (literally, no pun intended) and try again. That belief in something or someone gets me through when I’ve lost all belief in myself.

I want you to take from my workshop your very own cup of courage. I want my workshop to be the place where you find your own inner strength, your own inner power and, most importantly, your speck of hope and faith. And when you do get back up, refreshed, and ready to start again, I hope you find the courage to make that one decision that can completely change the course of your life for the better.

If it is the case that you’re feeling lonely, sad or defeated; perhaps life seems too hard, you feel like a failure or you’ve lost all hope and faith, please know you are not alone. I know for sure that you’re not alone. My life’s lessons don’t come from a textbook but from the trenches. I’ve been where you are and felt what you’re feeling. So, I know what it’s like when you’ve lost all self-belief, when you feel like a failure. But boy have I also felt like a winner, like a champion, undefeated, and a survivor, and that’s what I want you to learn about and experience.

I want my workshop be the evidence for how you can come back from extreme low points in life – how you can find the strength and courage to shake yourself off, sit up strong, roll your shoulders back, hold your head high, look to the sky with your fist on your chest and say ‘God,’ – or Higher Power, or whoever means something special to you – ‘I’m ready! I’m ready to make some serious changes; I’m ready to make some hard decisions; I’m ready to take charge of my life and do the work required. I have everything inside me and more to become who I’m destined to become. I will become unstoppable. I don’t need to be sad, or angry, or alone, anymore. I don’t want to leave this world – I have too much to give and to gain. I want to find peace, contentment, happiness and freedom from my pain. Now please guide me to what steps I need to take next.’

Time and again over the last twenty years, people have come to me when they’re at a low point. Some have been feeling down because they weren’t where they wanted to be in their careers or relationships. Some have been unable to pinpoint why they’ve felt so lost and lonely or why life has been feeling way too hard. Others have been at rock bottom – maybe thinking seriously about ending their life. In every successful turnaround story, I’ve read about or had anything to do with, switching from despair to hope has hinged on a few things:

  • Feeling Heard: After sharing our deep truths and unveiling our masks, we felt heard and not so alone.
  • Belief: Someone believed in us when we didn’t believe in ourselves.
  • Hope and Faith: Hope is being able to see light at the end of the tunnel and faith is the light that guides you through the tunnel.
  • And Courage: It takes an enormous amount of courage to get back up again, to face your fears, to face your failures and to make changes in your life.

And now I want my workshop to be part of your turnaround story. I want this time to leave you feeling heard and not alone. I believe in you – maybe more than you believe in yourself – and I want our time together to be your hope that there is light at the end of your dark tunnel and I want my guidance to be your faith to guide you through the next part of your journey. I want our time together to give you the courage to get back up and face your fears, to face your failures and to make that one decision that can completely change the course of your life.

And last but not least, I can say this with such strong conviction, you are only one decision away from a totally different life.

Jump on my back, hold on tight, and come join me in my workshop.



Your inner child quite literally lives within you- within your psyche that is. Remember when you were a child and no matter what was happening in your life you always found joy and wonder, creativity, you saw ordinary as extraordinary and life was an unending study of curiosity.

We are all born into this world with no fears, no doubts and no worries but along the way through our childhood trauma’s we dis-connect from the most important person in our lives; our inner child.

Signs you have a Wounded Inner Child

When we dis-connect from our inner child we also dis-connect from our joy, wonder, our creativity, and we no longer view anything as extraordinary and we lose one of our most reliable sources to pull ourselves from our depths of despair; our curiosity. This leaves us feeling uninspired, unhappy, disconnected, and we feel an empty shell of ourselves.

When we connect to our inner child, our soul lights up.  We live each day with an open mind of curiosity, our eyes wide open at the wonder of what each day will bring us.  We find laughter in our days, and our creativity weaves its magic back into our heart and souls. With our joy, wonder, our creativity, and our curiosity in full force, we see our ordinary lives as extraordinary.  We feel energised, invigorated, and deliciously alive.

I want my workshop to help you re-connect with the most important person in your life; your inner child.


What does it mean to re-parent yourself?

Reparenting is giving yourself what you didn’t receive as a child.

Perhaps you:

  • Didn’t receive love as a child
  • You were never given physical affection such as hugs or kisses
  • Your emotional needs were not met
  • You were controlled and not allowed to have your own opinions
  • You were shamed for your physical appearance
  • You were verbally criticised
  • You were physically punished
  • You were made to feel it’s your responsibility to keep your parents happy
  • You became a parent to your own uneducated parents
  • You were quickly shut down if you spoke up for yourself
  • You were punished for bringing humour and fun into your home
  • You were not allowed to come up with your own ideas
  • Your emotions were not allowed to be seen such as sadness, anger, joy

Whatever it may be, you don’t have to keep living in the past. As an adult your job is to focus on what’s ahead of you. It’s important that you take responsibility for your own emotional well-being.  It doesn’t mean you need to pretend these things didn’t happen of course, they caused trauma for you; of course, these things have caused some ongoing damage. But how much longer do you want these things to control your future? How much of your life have they already cost you? Don’t let another day to go by where you allow your past to define your future.

If your parents were unable to fulfil your basics needs as a child, it does not mean you can’t fulfil your own needs as an adult, the truth is that you can. It will seem foreign to you, but you can be your own parent.

If your own son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, brother or sister came to you and said they were hungry, would you tell them to starve?  If they came to you exhausted, would you punish them by telling them to go run four blocks?  If they came to you because they were scared of the man down the road, would you send them there for a sleepover?  If they came to you crying, would you berate them for being a sook? No, you wouldn’t, you would take care of that child and made sure they got the care they need.

So why do you keep punishing your hurt inner child?

Because it’s all you know.

In this workshop you will learn tools and techniques to re-parent yourself.

We will explore and get to the core of your pain and transform old repeated patterns.

This is a truly powerful, life changing workshop and the benefits to you will be:

  • Your creativity will be in flow
  • You will open your heart
  • You will feel more aligned with yourself
  • You will develop stronger relationships
  • You will develop forgiveness, compassion, vulnerability, self-love and self-acceptance

And most important you will create space in your mind, body and soul to tap into your untapped potential and you’ll become unstoppable.


Breathwork is literally changing lives one circular breath at a time. Why? Because it is so simple yet extremely transformative.  It allows people to heal and transform themselves from within simply by using the power of their own breath.  We now live in a world where people are searching for holistic answers so they can make peace with their past and heal their inner child.

Until you heal your wounded and hurt inner child, you won’t be able to heal your adult self.

I want to stress the importance of healing your inner child as this will be your first step toward mastery of your life.

One of the most common questions I get asked is “Stacey how did you change your life” and when I boil it down to the most pivotal moment, one of my first stages to change was to heal my inner child and make peace with my past.

Have you been hiding, rejecting and not wanting to acknowledge your painful childhood and these parts of yourself because the memories, emotions and behaviours are too painful?

If you have experienced a traumatic event in your childhood and you were taught to hide, reject and not acknowledge your negative emotions, they get stuck in your sympathetic nervous system and leaves you with unresolved trauma.

Do your fears, doubts, worries and limited beliefs hold you back from your dreams, desires, goals and life’s purpose?  These fears, doubts, worries and limited beliefs are your unresolved trauma.

When you learn to hide, reject and not acknowledge your negative emotions, they get stuck and this causes blocked emotional energy.

When we block our energy, we are no longer in a state of pure flow, when we are not in flow, we live in a state of survival with our fears, doubts, worries and our limited beliefs controlling every aspect of our decision making.

If you don’t unblock your trapped negative emotions for a long period of time, this can cause anxiety and depression.

Do you often wonder why you feel stuck?  It’s because your negative emotions are stuck, and you are not in flow.

The majority of your blocked negative emotions from unprocessed trauma’s come from your childhood.

Your mind, body and soul have been pushed away from conscious awareness (conscious awareness is being present and connected to the things, people and situations in one’s life. You have no thoughts and are simply ‘being’) and has been suppressed deep into your subconscious mind (your subconscious mind is like a massive memory bank and whatever has happened to you in your childhood and whatever happens to you will be permanently stored in there).

So if you imagine you have a long piece of rope stuck in your sympathetic nervous system and there is a knot every 5 centimetres on this rope, let’s call these knots your blocked negative emotions (unpleasant things that have happened to you), until these knots (blocked negative emotions) get untangled, processed and released you won’t be able to get into the flow of living.  You will continue to live a life of being triggered into the emotional wounds you experienced as a child-hence why your fears, doubts, worries and limited beliefs will keep you stuck.

Your blocked negative emotional energy will keep you a prisoner by thinking and feeling that;

  • You are not worthy enough for anyone or anything
  • You are not smart enough
  • You are not good-looking enough
  • You are not educated enough
  • You don’t deserve happiness
  • You will never find someone who loves you
  • You are not a nice person, why would anyone like you

All of these deep-seated beliefs about yourself will cut off your healthy flow of life and you will struggle to reach your full potential- you will literally be stuck.

How will a Breathe with Stacey session help you?

I will guide you to breathe into your Sympathetic Nervous System, where all of your blocked negative energy is stuck (childhood trauma) and release it out of you so you can heal your hurt inner child.

I call myself a guidance coach, because I am not your healer. I will guide you, but you must do the work to heal yourself.


  • Activate your mind, body and soul
  • Release blocked emotions from unprocessed childhood traumas
  • Reduce anxiety and depression


  • Inhale circular breathing into your blocked emotions and
  • Exhale releasing them out


  • Emotional and Physical Response


  • You will need to book into this workshop to find out for yourself as each individual has their own unique experience