It’s none of your business what other people think

The other day I was getting organised to take myself and my dog Mr Dinkles for a walk.  I was putting his leash on when Jack asked me if he could join us on our big beach walk.

Of course, I said yes as walking with my kids is one of my most favourite things to do. We don’t just walk, we walk and talk about all kinds of things; their jobs, their relationships, their fears, their dreams, their goals and anything in between.

This particular day Jack and I were walking through main street when I asked him if he could hold Dink on his lead while I quickly ducked into a shop, I would literally be 2 minutes.  He said “mum I am not standing out here holding a small fluffy dog looking like an absolute dick”, I said “what do you mean? Dink’s the most gorgeous little man in my life” lol, Jack says “mum I know you love him but if anyone sees me holding a fluffy dog I will be too embarrassed”.

(me and my gorgeous Mr Dinkles… Toby named him from the character out of Trolls.  Now imagine when I call his name loudly… Dink, Dink, I often wonder if people think I am calling “oi Dick” LOL). Ps I tried to edit this image smaller but after trying one too many times I gave up and decided to not care what others think about how big it is bahahahahahaaa.

Anyway I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe that such a simple task could have someone worry so much what others are thinking about them.  I couldn’t leave it, it really made me sad to think that my son is so worried what other people think of him that he won’t even hold a dog on a leash for 2 minutes so I said “look Jack I understand that you are embarrassed and mate I don’t even need to go into the shop but if you are worried what other people are thinking of you for such a simple thing, I can’t imagine how many other things you are missing out on because you are worried what other people think so I want you to face a fear and hold Dink and let me go into the shops”.  He stood out the front and held Dink on his leash and as I came out I said “oh look you are still alive” and then I laughed LOL. I said “how did that feel”? and he said “yeah it was fine”, I said “no one cared did they”, he said “no mum everyone thinks Dink is cute anyway”, and I said “yes well perhaps they think you are a good-looking chap too” and then we had this conversation about how something so small like this can be so big in how he achieves his goals in life.

You see so many people worry so much about what others think of them and I can tell you now, most people are so worried about thinking what others are thinking about them that they are not even noticing what kind of dog you are walking, what you are wearing, how fat you are, how skinny you are, what colour hair you have, what car you drive and yes there are people out there who’s life’s purpose is to make other people’s lives pure misery but who cares what these people are thinking, I mean really are you going to miss out on opportunities in life just because you worry what these people are thinking?

I want you to think of something that you want to do but you won’t do because you are worried what others will think of you.  C’mon get honest with yourself.  Are you embarrassed to walk a furry dog lol so you miss out of beautiful walks?  Do you want to join a gym but you are worried people will look at you?  Trust me they are too worried what you are thinking of them haha.  Is it that you want to pick up the phone and ask for a sale in business but you are worried they will think you are a dick?  Don’t stress you will be making life super-duper easy for someone if you have what they want to buy so look at it like you are doing them a favour and yes you will get 99 knockbacks before you get a yes but just keep going.  Are you wanting to go for a certain job but you worry that the decision maker will think you are not smart enough?

Pick one thing and just DO IT!!  I promise once you stop caring what other people think about your small things, then you stop worrying about medium things and then you get all courageous and do big scary things LOL.

Guys stop worrying what other people think of you, how many more years and opportunities will you waste? It’s time to take control of your life and every day from now on, do something that you wouldn’t normally do because you are too worried what others will think. I can promise you one thing, you will feel so courageous that you will become unstoppable.



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