What I Know For Sure About Watching OPRAH!!

What I took away from Oprah

***I am NOT a professional writer so mistakes will be made and I don’t apologies because I don’t care if you think I am not ‘nice’ LOL*** you’ll get the joke as you read :)

Firstly I walked away feeling SO peaceful, SO incredibly peaceful knowing that EVERYTHING Oprah spoke about I practice in my own life daily; there are no coincidences I have been able to turn my life around the way I have… My life has changed because I without knowing it at the time lived and breathed the pearls of wisdom Oprah shared last night.

So what were my TOP pearls of wisdom!

1. GRATITUDE- You MUST MUST MUST have gratitude for the simple things in your life…

I personally have never had an issue with saying ‘no’ and I know so many people who think I am ruthless because of the way I am… If I don’t want to do something I just do NOT do it and it doesn’t bother me one bit if the other person is feeling upset; staying true to myself is a gift I am grateful for having. I will never say yes if deep inside I want to say no (except of course when I am dragged Go Karting for the whole weekend LOL, BUT if it was that horrible I would say no which I say NO in winter)!!!

This is sooooooo TRUE!! If you are jealous, nasty, vindictive, and just plain negative nelly well the odds are you will be feeling miserable, unhappy, and whinge and complain about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING, and no one (other than the people who share the same energy and traits ie miserable) will want to be around you…

However if you have a genuine feeling of seeing others reach almighty heights, feeling HAPPY for other people’s happiness and just putting a smile on your dial on a daily basis; you WILL attract HAPPY people and the more happiness surrounds you, the more you start to ENJOY your life, because guess what…. You are feeling a HAPPY energy which is kind of like a drug, you will feel fresher, more energised and just a pure alignment to what you TRULY want in your life.

You know I absolutely LOVED watching Oprah but one thing I realised is as much as I admired her as a speaker on stage I could never ever be Oprah, she is SOOOOOO elegant, SOOOOO beautiful and OMG she radiates an ease of confidence and can honestly talk her pearls of wisdom in such a way that it almost had me feeling insecure about how I present on stages LOL… BUT what I LOVED is when she spoke about just living your life AS YOU ARE….

We are ALL unique and if I tried to be like Oprah I would lose my authenticity and it would not work; I would stumble, I would be nervous, I would feel like a robot, it just WOULD NOT WORK so find the unique YOU and live TRUE to it daily and those who LOVE you will latch onto every word and those who loathe you, well those who loathe you can find someone who aligns with their energy. I cannot begin to tell you how by just being ME has opened doors that even I am shocked about ha ha

Oprah spoke about how when she was a little girl she visited her friend’s house and noticed they had 6 big oak trees, this was a shock to Oprah because she was so poor she wondered how they had 6 trees and she had none so Oprah’s dream as she was growing up was to be rich enough to plant 6 oak tree’s in her yard. Oneday she was looking out her window and had forgotten her dream of having 6 trees and as she was looking out her window she realised her dream had come true without her even knowing; there she was counting her 6 oak trees!!!! Any MANY hundreds more!!!

As I was listening to her tell this story it took me back to my days I would have my morning coffee and without knowing I would meditate on my blue lounge (I was living in a VERY violent relationship this stage of my life) and the only peaceful time I had was my 5am coffee times before my partner woke up and shit would hit the fan… Anyway I ALWAYS visualised a happy life, a house with BIG windows, I would be running along the beach (I didn’t even live close to a beach), I had a HAPPY household and low and behold a couple of years ago I had just come home from my beach run, stood in the kitchen making my healthy smooothie, talking to my beautiful partner and BANG!!! I was looking outside into the distance from my HUGE, beautiful, BRIGHT windows and I knew right at that moment that my dream had come true without me even knowing it!! So ALWAYS dream no matter how big or small!!

I could go on forever however I will finish here!!

So yes I walked away with a DEEP knowing that everything that has happened in my life has not been a coincidence, that this has been the plan all along, that all of my life’s challenges in my past, present and future are there because my god, higher power or whoever it is has a BIGGER plan for me and my challenges are my nudges to guide me to where I am meant to be going..

Oh and I forgot my FAV pearl of wisdom

OMG I learnt this when I watched her you tube video on surrendering her dream when she wanted to win the role in the colour purple and it literary changed my life’s challenges!!!

I have MANY challenges arise; I mean c’mon I am trying to raise a near 18 year old, a 15 year old and a near 21 year old ON MY OWN and let’s not forget my two other kiddies aged 6 and 7 who have the most SPECTACULAR father and my almost husband OMG ha ha…. There is NO support what so ever from my older kids father’s (and I am not wanting sympathy, I am not alone and it’s always been this way so I don’t know any different) and you know SO many of my family members smirk behind my back when a challenge arises and talk behind my back because I talk such positivity and so they think I am a fraud when a challenge arises because I don’t speak loudly about my challenges… That I only share my positive posts…. HOWEVER…. What Oprah taught me through watching her You Tube video was that when a life’s challenge erupts just SURRENDAR it to your god or higher power and let them take care of it and so when shit hits the fan take for instance my son Jack and his 15 year old behaviour in which I have struggled with Jack since a wee lad because of the violence he witnessed growing up (no excuse BUT facts are kids who witness violence need A LOT of work to rewire their brains) so yes tough work with this boy LOL but when shit hits the fan I SURRENDAR, I ask for guidance and without fail, and every time I find the answers I am seeking and that is why I don’t need to shout loud what is happening because what I have learnt… oooohh oooohhhh and now this is Stacey’s pearl of wisdom is that MOST people would rather hear yukky news rather than happy news, I get far more comments on my negative and complaining posts on my FB page than I do on my happy, positive uplifting posts and the more comments I get on my negative nelly ones the bigger my problem feels and the more overwhelmed I feel however when I stay centred, SURRENDAR and deal with the issue from my own heart space and not go talking to every Tom, Dick and Harry then my challenge just pans out the EXACT way I visualised it to be and with each challenge there is another step and another step and another step and that is why I don’t feel the need to talk about my challenges anymore because I know how to turn them into positives every bloody time so why change the blueprint for what is working LOL

I hope you got some MAGIC from this blog and there is so much more I could write however I have stuff to do and places to be.

Have a HAPPY day guys xxx

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