Believe YOU can workshops are facilitated by Stacey where she works with teenagers who are living generations of repeated toxic cycles. These teenagers are dis-engaged from school and Stacey’s workshops are aimed at planting seeds of hope into these teenagers and showing them what can be achieved when they believe in themselves enough. Stacey will help them dig deep and find their passions, create a vision board, map out a step by step plan to get them to their ultimate goal which will increase their self-belief, confidence and inspire them to tap into their un-tapped potential.

Believe YOU Can workshop

Stacey says “I have been in these kids shoes, I have gone before them and I walk the talk, I have not just gone and got a degree in this, I have actually gone through the trudges myself and I know what it takes to get from that rock bottom to making your dreams come to life. Everything I have implemented in my own life I will be sharing in my workshops”.

 Create a vision chart
 Goals and setting them
 Believe you are the most amazing person
 Mentors and finding them
 Commit and persist
 Who is in your inner circle?
 Instead of following lead and show others the way
 Etc


 Returning to school
 Attending University
 Commencing a career
 Increased self-esteem, confidence and social behaviour
 Reduction of self-harming behaviour including suicidal ideation
 Improved mental health leading to less reliance on Mental health services
 Reduction in the use of illicit drugs and alcohol
 Young people volunteering back into the community
 Increased feelings of community connectedness
 The development of goal setting, leadership and communication skills
 Improved career opportunities through links with mentors
 Increased employment opportunities
 Re-engagement of youth in education, social and community activities.