No matter what the Fu$% you do in life, you will never ever please everyone!

***PLEASE note I am NOT a professional writer so yes mistakes will be made LOL***


I have lived two TOTALLY contrast lives and it still boggles my mind why other people worry about others so much…

When I was a teenage mum, I was too young

When I had my before baby bikini body I was a show off and too skinny

When I had my baby I had stretch marks and told I looked like I had been beaten with a baseball bat

When I dressed like a bogan I was a scum

When I dressed nicely I was full of myself

When I was carrying my baby weight I was too fat

When I exercised and got fit again I was too skinny

When I was a teenage mum on welfare I was a scum bag

When I built our business I was a self-centred mum

When I lived homeless I was a piece of shit

When I bought my very first home I thought my shit didn’t stink

When I had no car it was because I was destined to never get
anywhere because I was a teenage mum

When I bought my BMW car I was full of myself

When I lived in violence I was told I didn’t deserve my kids

When I met a beautiful man and created a violence free home I was told I didn’t deserve such a beautiful man

When I had no job (resigned from my dream job) I was reminded it’s because I was a teenage mum and all I wanted to do was bludge off welfare

When I built the business I was threatened that my clients will find out about my past (teenage pregnancy, violence, DHS etc)

When I dress in my shorts and thongs with no make- up I am too simple

When I dress in business clothes and makeup I am full of myself

My old life I was called a dragged up gutter girl, no hoper, scum bag blah blah blah

My new life I am now mutton dressed as lamb, bimbo, always wanting to get my hair done, wear make-up, dress like a teenager blah blah blah

And it goes on and on and freaking ON and it never ends……

This my friends is WHY you must do what feels right for YOU, because no matter what you do, no matter how much you try to please people they will not be happy.

If you keep on waiting for other people to like you, you will be paralysed with fear of what others think of you and NOTHING will change!!

As long as you are being the best YOU and it’s not hurting anyone then that is all that matters xxx

6 Comments No matter what the Fu$% you do in life, you will never ever please everyone!

  1. Ashley

    This is so very true. You will always be judged by people on the outside looking in. It’s human nature. So the most important thing, is to do what is right for you. It’s taken me a long time to realize this, but I am getting there. What matters now is making the best life possible for my beautiful little girl. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Rachel

    Fantastic blog!! So true!! It took me a long time tomstop worrying about what people thought ad what they’d say but I am so much happier and more confident now im living life for me because as you say, no matter what the Fu$% you do in life, you will never ever please everyone xx


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