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Stacey Motivational Talk-300x200 According to the usual script, Stacey should be living on the streets, in jail, on drugs or dead. She ticks all the boxes when it comes to risk factors, having experienced no mum throughout her life, bought up in housing commission, child sexual abuse, aged 13 and living in a shed, 15 and pregnant, 19 with 2 babies and homeless, 21 with 3 kids and living in a domestic violent relationship.

But remarkably Stacey managed to defy the odds in a spectacular way by getting up when everyone had counted her out. She has gone on to become a successful business owner and international speaker of acclaim.

Fast forward 10 years…

Often referred to as the “rough diamond” by colleagues, clients and friends and recently featured as a guest reporter on the Channel Nine Morning Show, featured on The Circle, The Kerri-Anne Show, A Current Affairs, ABC’s 7:30 Report, The Herald Sun, The Age, BRW magazine, and many more; this lady is living proof that you CAN overcome the odds!

Stacey has a serious motivation to get results and it’s no surprise that Stacey was hand picked for a TV series “Where It All Began” and features a selection of successful Australian entrepreneurs and business people who have achieved great success despite great difficulties.

Where It All Began tells a true, uplifting and inspiring story of those who made it against all the odds, and looks to create a legacy of opportunity and success for people who previously felt there was little or no hope which aired on Channel Ten.

Stacey is now 36 years old and has five wonderful children, a beautiful and supportive partner. She is an author, international speaker, ambassador, and runs a successful business Brand Print Australia which has seen her nominated for the 2012 Pride of Australia Award.

When Stacey’s days had been at their very darkest she was fired with such an incredible optimism and such a she’ll-be-right attitude that she use to piss people off.

When she talked about her future, people told her it was good to have dreams. But she wasn’t dreaming. Stacey was convinced that she would have these things – it was only a matter of time…. It was when, not if.

Somewhere along the way, Stacey came to a decision and created a personal motto: Don’t talk about your dreams – go out and achieve them.

And that’s exactly what she did. Okay, she won’t say it was easy, but it’s been one hell of a ride from where it all started…

Stacey’s incredible journey of rags to riches will certainly inspire and motivate audiences all over the world.

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Your presentation was uplifting, entertaining and enlightening. Your journey is truly inspiring, and one that should be shared with all! You presented in a manner that was both emotional and entertaining, while still getting your message across to the entire audience. We look forward to working with you again in the future Stacey.

Genevieve Tilleard, Show Manager, My Business Magazine’s MyBiz Expo

“Stacey’s messages have impact are effective and lasting. No doubt, Stacey’s is an inspiring story and I can only imagine what a great success she would be on the speakers circuit” Brian Walsh (Head of Programming Foxtel)

…”Congratulations! You are obviously a remarkable woman!”
“This wonderful, inspiring book gives you the tools & motivation to achieve all your goals!”
Brian Tracy—Author—“The Way to Wealth”

G’day Stacey!
I just wanted to take the time and write to you to say how proud I was of you yesterday. You delivered your presentation with poise and polish! Congratulations, it was great.

Well done (and thanks for the thank you!).

Have a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c day… Winno
Winston Marsh

Top of the morning to you Stacey,

Thank you so much for coming to Main Ridge to chat with our team.

I must ensure you that your message was clear and everyone I talked to was thinking about their vision boards. If you can reduce a room to tears in a matter of moments you know you have a story that resonates with people and that it needs to be shared.

I know personally it made a big impact on me and my thoughts on how our society operates and more how everyone can help each other better. My overall feedback is that I can see that you are on a path that will see you communicating messages to many many people.
You are a driven and inspirational woman, one in a million. Our team really enjoyed hearing about how you set goals and then relentlessly work to achieve them.

Cheers and take care

Belinda CEO- Endota

Dear Stacey,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend after what we thought was a fabulously successful lunch on Friday.

On behalf of Julie and Frances we would like to thank you for your courageous, heartfelt and very moving speech you were gracious enough to make at our lunch. It was beautifully delivered and left not a dry eye in the venue!!

It is because of your spirit that others are inspired to fight on and walk the road less traveled, something for which you can be very proud.

All our love and best wishes

Danielle, Julie and Frances

“Stacey you have inspired me to live my dreams and to believe that I have the potential to fulfil my life and believe in myself”