Let Rock Bottom Be The Foundation To Re-Build YOUR Life


When I hear of someone hitting rock bottom I actually feel excited for them. Not because I thrive on people hitting a miserable time but because for me hitting rock bottom became the turning point in my life. It was the most horrendous time of my life, but it also became the foundation for which I am now living my extraordinary life.

What happens when you have spiralled down to rock bottom is an exciting adventure to climb back to the top. You hit so hard that things you once thought were catastrophic now become minor.

Hitting rock bottom puts a true perspective of what really does matter in your life and makes you realise what is most important in your life. You soon forget about trivial crap such as; jealously, success, money and so on.

Through rock bottom stage you become aware of yourself in a way you never knew existed. You are faced to dig deep within your soul and you learn to see yourself as a “being” and not just a “robot”.

Hitting rock bottom opens your eyes to your true core values and you learn that nothing else matters apart from living true to your own core values each and every day.

The self development you experience when you are hit with rock bottom is incredible.

By the time you have hit rock bottom everything in your head is running a thousand miles per hour, you can’t think straight, you can’t see through the fog and it’s not just fog it is a thick black tar looking fog. At this stage you become desperate to climb out and this is when you will make drastic action’s to make changes.

You will start by doing something small such as counselling, which will take the fog away that little bit. After a while your tangled insides slowly untangle; if you can imagine a piece of rope with a thousand knots, each positive action you take one piece of that knotted rope becomes untangled until the rope has no knots.

You will learn about your values, you will learn about positive relationships, you will learn to trust, to lead, to inspire, to let go of stuff that is not important, to love yourself, you won’t worry what other people think of you anymore, you will find a life you never knew existed, you will learn to thank rock bottom for hitting you when it did, and most important you WILL learn that rock bottom will become the foundation for re-building your future extraordinary life!!

If you are at rock bottom right now; do yourself a favour and feel EXCITED about what positive new life you can create RIGHT NOW.

Just know RIGHT NOW you have the power in YOU to change everything in your entire life.

Feel the excitement, feel the joy, feel the freedom, feel the surge of tickling excited butterflies fluttering in your stomach at the new life you are about to ascend upon.

This new life is inside YOU right now and YOUR job is to set it FREE!

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