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The Grass Is Always Greener Where You Water It But How Do You Know If You Should Continue To Water It or Let It Die?


***PLEASE note I am NOT a professional writer so yes mistakes will be made LOL***

A few weeks back I was talking with a chick. She seemed to have her shit together, beautiful hubby who she had been with since a teenager, beautiful home they created together, three beautiful children who go to private schools, they live in a lah di dah area, she is attractive and from an outsider she seemed to have the world at her feet; now take me back to my old life days and she would have been on my radar as a toffee mum, someone who I idolised and wished I was.

She had everything that I didn’t!!

Anyway she was telling me about her awful/ perfect relationship and how awful it was because it was just way too perfect and boring and OMG I wanted to grab her, shake her and get on my motivational speaking stage and yell from a megaphone THE GRASS IS GREENER WHERE YOU WATER IT… But I couldn’t say that because the grass was MUCH greener for me when I left my relationship.

So as i listened she told me that she had already left her husband and moved into a new house, I had to allow her to talk and I just sat and listened and this is why she decided to up and leave;

• Because her husband was way too nice
• Their relationship was just too boring
• He didn’t make her happy anymore
• She was destined for a big bold life and he just wanted a simple life
• All he wanted to do was sit and spend time with her and their kids
• It was just boring boring boring

And then I asked her what she did want in a relationship and at this point I was cringing but who am I to judge; this is not my life

• I want a guy that tests me
• I want a guy that gives me challenges in life
• I just want a guy who is not boring and stimulates my life
• I want a guy who will make me happy

And with that she rattled off a whole list of attributes I had in my OLD relationship that certainly gives you tests, challenges and is so full of drama that there is NO time to get bored.

It then made me think about this quote even deeper THE GRASS IS GREENER WHERE YOU WATER IT and I remembered my old violent relationship and realised that no matter how much I watered that god damn grass it just kept dying until it turned into brown manure.

So it got me thinking about this quote and because I have lived two TOTALLY different relationships I can certainly say that in my abusive relationship if someone had of given me this quote I would have felt confused thinking that if only I watered my own relationship then it would get happier and brighter, however with anyone who has lived in a domestic violent relationship no matter how much you put into this relationship it just will NOT get greener.


For me personally I can honestly say that leaving my abusive relationship was one of the most courageous things I have ever done and the grass has not only turned green for me in my new life but it has turned an almighty fluorescent bright green LOL

So why has my grass turned such a BRIGHT green from when I was in my old relationship?

In my relationship that turned into manure;

• I had hourly challenges
• I was tested daily
• I was SO angry ALL.. OF..THE..TIME that I had no time for boredom
• The mindset games had my adrenalin going 24/7
• I was anxious constantly
• I could NOT sit down for more than 1 minute
• I could NOT stay at home for more than an hour as I had to be busy constantly
• I couldn’t find time in my headspace for myself let alone for my children
• My life was one messed up, chaotic, drama filled existence

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(Awwww I was only 21 years young here, but I look 10 years older than I am today because I was SOOOOOO sad!)

Fast forward 11 years and my question is…..


When I met my partner Dave 11 years ago, I had done so much self-development that I was ready to allow him into my life. I felt confident and my self-esteem had grown.

When Dave entered my life I had never experienced a true feeling of love. My views on love were that if someone loved me they would be extremely jealous, love me so much that they would put me down to help me realise my faults, love me so much that they would hit me because I looked so attractive wearing beautiful clothing and so on.

Fortunately before Dave entered my life I had done some extreme counselling and self-development and knew I would never choose a man like this again.

I can’t say it was easy to meet a man like Dave who loved me unconditionally and for who I was; I remember questioning his motives and not really understanding why such a nice man would want to be with me. Although I had done a lot of work on myself, I still couldn’t quite grasp why he wanted to be with me.

I struggled with the love in the beginning and tried to set up situations to see if he was hiding his dark side; I would set up drama’s just to see how he would react; I soon came to realise he was not a nasty man and I started to allow love into my life. There were many times, that the love he showed me felt extremely uncomfortable.

I remember one night Dave wanted to surprise me and do something special for me and my three children. He knocked on the door with a huge platter of sushi and I was absolutely mortified. I was so embarrassed that he did this for us that I told my children they were not allowed to eat it. In my mind I felt as if Dave felt sorry for us and so he felt like he needed to be my “knight in shining armour” and feed my children. I was so humiliated at this that I told him “don’t ever do that again”, I also told him direct that he is not my “knight in shining armour” so please don’t try to feel sorry for me and buy me and my children things. You see I had never experienced someone doing something special for me and my children and it was extremely uncomfortable. Of course I allow this now (in small doses), however it took me a while to allow someone to treat me nicely and to spoil me.

I have now been with Dave for 11 years and in that time I have learnt;

•Boredom is a beautiful thing in a relationship
•Having no drama is pure BLISS
•Not being mentally, physically and emotionally challenged daily helps me have a clear mind to create a positive environment in all areas of my life; my home, my children, my business, my health, my fitness, my relationships with family and friends, my personal growth, my spiritual growth and just my pure happiness for life
•Having a partner who is happy with the simple things in life makes me feel content, I am finally able to sit on the lounge for more than a couple of hours and feel relaxed, I don’t feel adrenalin pumping through me 24/7, and I am even able to stay at home for a whole day and be ok with it LOL
•Having a partner who wants nothing more than a happy family has helped me bond with my children in a way I never knew existed, just by having someone to share that incredible feeling with makes it so much more beautiful
•I LOVE that I don’t rely on Dave for my happiness, if I feel shit I don’t look to him for my happiness, I look within myself and ask myself what is missing within ME to make myself feel happy, I don’t need a man to make me feel happy and it is not his duty to make me feel happy BUT what I LOVE is that Dave gives me the space to find my own true happiness just by him being simple, easy going, chilled and not questioning me, being jealous, criticising me or constantly playing head fuck games with me; my mind is finally at ease to do what I want

So if you are in a relationship like my old one I say….

The grass is certainly greener on the other side so go and find that BRIGHT green grass

But if you are in a relationship like my new one I say THE GRASS IS GREENER WHERE YOU WATER IT so water that grass like a CRAZY arse son of a gun because this relationship full of boredom, no drama’s, no challenges, no tests, no head fuck games, is one worth fighting for xxx

OMG look at this beautiful HAPPY little family I have created, can you see why I LOVE my new life!!!

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(SOOOOOOO much happier)

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(LOVE my family)

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(Our annual family holiday)

Lucas 2

(Me and my delicious one year old grandson)

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(My daughter Tahlia)

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(My son Josh)


No matter what the Fu$% you do in life, you will never ever please everyone!

***PLEASE note I am NOT a professional writer so yes mistakes will be made LOL***


I have lived two TOTALLY contrast lives and it still boggles my mind why other people worry about others so much…

When I was a teenage mum, I was too young

When I had my before baby bikini body I was a show off and too skinny

When I had my baby I had stretch marks and told I looked like I had been beaten with a baseball bat

When I dressed like a bogan I was a scum

When I dressed nicely I was full of myself

When I was carrying my baby weight I was too fat

When I exercised and got fit again I was too skinny

When I was a teenage mum on welfare I was a scum bag

When I built our business I was a self-centred mum

When I lived homeless I was a piece of shit

When I bought my very first home I thought my shit didn’t stink

When I had no car it was because I was destined to never get
anywhere because I was a teenage mum

When I bought my BMW car I was full of myself

When I lived in violence I was told I didn’t deserve my kids

When I met a beautiful man and created a violence free home I was told I didn’t deserve such a beautiful man

When I had no job (resigned from my dream job) I was reminded it’s because I was a teenage mum and all I wanted to do was bludge off welfare

When I built the business I was threatened that my clients will find out about my past (teenage pregnancy, violence, DHS etc)

When I dress in my shorts and thongs with no make- up I am too simple

When I dress in business clothes and makeup I am full of myself

My old life I was called a dragged up gutter girl, no hoper, scum bag blah blah blah

My new life I am now mutton dressed as lamb, bimbo, always wanting to get my hair done, wear make-up, dress like a teenager blah blah blah

And it goes on and on and freaking ON and it never ends……

This my friends is WHY you must do what feels right for YOU, because no matter what you do, no matter how much you try to please people they will not be happy.

If you keep on waiting for other people to like you, you will be paralysed with fear of what others think of you and NOTHING will change!!

As long as you are being the best YOU and it’s not hurting anyone then that is all that matters xxx


Let Rock Bottom Be The Foundation To Re-Build YOUR Life


When I hear of someone hitting rock bottom I actually feel excited for them. Not because I thrive on people hitting a miserable time but because for me hitting rock bottom became the turning point in my life. It was the most horrendous time of my life, but it also became the foundation for which I am now living my extraordinary life.

What happens when you have spiralled down to rock bottom is an exciting adventure to climb back to the top. You hit so hard that things you once thought were catastrophic now become minor.

Hitting rock bottom puts a true perspective of what really does matter in your life and makes you realise what is most important in your life. You soon forget about trivial crap such as; jealously, success, money and so on.

Through rock bottom stage you become aware of yourself in a way you never knew existed. You are faced to dig deep within your soul and you learn to see yourself as a “being” and not just a “robot”.

Hitting rock bottom opens your eyes to your true core values and you learn that nothing else matters apart from living true to your own core values each and every day.

The self development you experience when you are hit with rock bottom is incredible.

By the time you have hit rock bottom everything in your head is running a thousand miles per hour, you can’t think straight, you can’t see through the fog and it’s not just fog it is a thick black tar looking fog. At this stage you become desperate to climb out and this is when you will make drastic action’s to make changes.

You will start by doing something small such as counselling, which will take the fog away that little bit. After a while your tangled insides slowly untangle; if you can imagine a piece of rope with a thousand knots, each positive action you take one piece of that knotted rope becomes untangled until the rope has no knots.

You will learn about your values, you will learn about positive relationships, you will learn to trust, to lead, to inspire, to let go of stuff that is not important, to love yourself, you won’t worry what other people think of you anymore, you will find a life you never knew existed, you will learn to thank rock bottom for hitting you when it did, and most important you WILL learn that rock bottom will become the foundation for re-building your future extraordinary life!!

If you are at rock bottom right now; do yourself a favour and feel EXCITED about what positive new life you can create RIGHT NOW.

Just know RIGHT NOW you have the power in YOU to change everything in your entire life.

Feel the excitement, feel the joy, feel the freedom, feel the surge of tickling excited butterflies fluttering in your stomach at the new life you are about to ascend upon.

This new life is inside YOU right now and YOUR job is to set it FREE!